Wes the Church Mouse

Did you know that Schertz United Methodist Church has its own church mouse? 

His name is Wesley, Wes for short. 

Any guess on who he is named after?  Yep, John Wesley. 

Next time you’re able to visit the sanctuary, look closely along the baseboards.   

You just might find the entrance to his house.


It has been a while since we’ve seen Wes. 

He encouraged everyone to participate in a capital campaign a few years ago

by running through the sanctuary with a sign saying, “God’s Work Continues.” 

Since then, he’s been observing all that takes place at SUMC. 

What sights he has seen! 

People have been praising and worshiping God, children serve as collection ushers during services,

and all kinds of groups use the church facilities. 

He sees God all over the place!

Wes would like your help in introducing him to others and letting them know

about all of Jesus’ followers attending Schertz UMC. 

Everyone is encouraged to print a copy of Wes’ picture,

either the outlined version that you may color yourself, or the one already colored. 


Take him with you and post pictures of him as he tags along with you during your day. 

He can be with you as you go on your daily walk or riding your bike,

while you’re reading a book, studying your Bible, doing chores,

going to the grocery store, anywhere and everywhere it is socially safe. 

When people ask what you’re doing, you can start a conversation explaining

that it’s a fun activity for our church. 

It can open up ways to invite people to join us online,

or once it’s safe to gather in groups, to visit Schertz UMC in person.

Let’s see what clever ideas you can come up with to introduce Wes on your social media posts,

and how he is helping you extend the love of Jesus to others. 

After all, “God’s Work Continues”!  and we will try to post all cool photos with Wes.

Download and print a coloring sheet and a picture of Wes:

To model Christ’s love.


To reach and serve our community to glorify God.


To become all that God calls us to be.


3460 Roy Richard Drive Schertz, Texas 78154


(210) 658-3202



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